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Evolve - Knowlegment, Development and Evolvement.

A group whose set of solutions has a philosophy: Excellence in everything that makes

The Evolve Group is a group of partner companies that offer pioneering solutions to various markets, with a portfolio of companies committed to offering their customers the best products and services.


The Evolve Group has already made more than 1.000.000 negotiations, bringing solutions and results to all companies.


Evolve offers solutions in a wide range of segments. Ekopalete®, the Group's first company, offers logistic solutions like no other company in Brazil. Together with their partners, CustomPlastic and Clickplastic, is a leader in the logistics and warehousing solutions sector in the country, working with Plastic injection, Rotomolding and Thermoforming.


The group is present in several areas:

Loja das Calcinhas - Underwear

Nasiol(partner) - Nanotechnology for vehicle painting

Emporio Clube de Campo - Food Market

Drudi Performance Parts - Luxury car parts

Drudi Incorporadora - Allotments and constructions

Estância - Cleaning and urban maintenance

Impera Marketing - Marketing.


Ekopalete Logistics Solutions

Our company is commited to preserve the environment by investing in sustainable resources for a better future

Eko Palete is a plastic injection company, parts are manufacturing with an excellent quality and a great cost. We generate more production at lower cost for our customers as our machines needs low energy consumption and greater agility in the injection.


Nasiol Nanotechnology for vehicle painting

Nasiol is a nano car coating that reachs to improve the quality and durability os the surfaces of your vehicle through the nanotechnology.

Nasiol uses nanotechnology as a protection aiming at saving the consumption of raw material in production, allowing a lower environmental impact and increase in the quality of its product, leaving the coating of your vehicle more protected and beautiful as new.

Loja das calcinhas

Loja das Calcinhas

Loja das Calcinhas has been in the market for 15 years, offering male and female underwear solutions. We provide to our customers their dream of beauty and sensuality.

With a new concept, we are committed to awakening in the woman what is best in her, so that you feel sexy, but do not forget the comfort and always remember the pride that it is to be a woman!


Empório clube de campo

In a cozy environment, in a little piece of the Atlantic Forest, the Emporio Clube de Campo brings you a wide variety of local and imported products.

We have cheeses, wines, craft beers, everything for BBQ (skewers, charcoal, ice and utensils), honey, organic, gluten free products and lactose free products, seafood, pates and jellies besides our bakery and coffe shop.


Drudi Performance Parts

Drudi Performance Parts is an auto parts importer, emerged to supply the demand for luxury and high performance line parts for cars and motorcycles.

Spare parts and performance parts (luxury and sport lines) imported from manufacturers of all countries.


Clickplastic logistics and storage solutions

Clickplastic is a company of renewable products that preserve the environment. We provide plastic, wood and metal products

Our company provides lower cost for customers, because our machines manufacture products using less energy and more agility in production.


Customplastic Soluções em Plástico

CustomPlastic is the newest company of the Group, with the process of rotomolding produces plenty applications.

Innovative products achieving design and safety generating excellent cos-benefit and long-term life in use.


Impera Marketing

Impera Marketing is a company that was in the direction of the marketing sector of the Evolve Group, to bring solutions of digital marketing for companies outside the group.

Digital Solutions to increase sales of small and medium business, focusing on making a professional management service of the company brand to bring results.

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